Essential Oils

Have you considered using essential oils in your health and wellness regime? Most people are looking for more natural ways to take care of their family’s health. Many are turning to essential oils for their versatility and ease of use.

Essential oils may have grown in popularity over the last few years but they have a long history of use. They’ve actually been in use since early recorded history, probably even longer. The ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs depicted use of essential oils as medicine. They are mentioned in some of the ancient medical texts of the Chinese and the Greeks. Plus, there are over 188 mentions of the oils in the Holy Bible.

Their versatility and ease of use are a big plus. A single oil can have multiple uses and applications. You can use them Aromatically, Topically or Internally. We only recommend using Young Living Essential Oils if you plan to ingest them. This is due to Young Living’s high quality standards. Research is highly recommended and obtaining a good reference guide is crucial to getting the most benefits from using essential oils. Consider adding essential oils to your health regime to help support your family’s wellness goals.

We became members of Young Living Essential Oils in June 2014.  Since then we’ve slowly changed to a less chemical laden lifestyle.  We’ve changed what we put in and on our bodies and what we use in the environment we live in.  Essential oils have changed our health and wellness so much.  We’d love to discuss with you how they can change your live as well.


For more information on Young Living Essential Oils quality standards, visit

Most people get started with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. You can get your own membership kit here.

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