The Struggle Is REAL!

​You know, gut health is so important. It is a major player in your body’s immune system.  The foods we eat majorly affect our gut.  A sluggish gut equals a sluggish immune system. Which can lead to missed work, missed school, missed recreational activities, and money being shelled out left and right.

That is why proactively supporting you gut is so important!  I just finished a 5 Day Cleanse as my first thing in 2017 to support mine.  I used a meal replacement shake with a superfruit wholebody nutritional supplement. I was also supposed to use a digestive support capsule but I ended up not having a bottle of it like I thought I did.

I did the shake and nutritional supplement three times a day as my meals. The products I used were in serving pouches so it was very convenient with my work travel. I mixed it all together with bottled water in a shaker bottle. So quick and easy!

Since I didn’t have the digestive capsule(and because I didn’t want too bad of a caffeine withdrawal headache 😉 ) I had 1 cup of coffee every morning. I slowly stepped down my amount of sugar in it each day since I start a 21 Day Sugar Detox right after the Cleanse. It worked! My bowels worked and no headache!

You’re allowed 3 snacks between shakes. I didn’t always need them.  But as a snack, I had 1/4 cup of raw whole almonds and 8oz of water.  And if I had any cravings, i drank more water. It helps!

Now the struggle is REAL if you get around delicious smelling food.  My husband ate two meals in front of me and felt bad about it. From then on, he only ate sandwiches around me. By day 5 the smell of the bread had me salivating.  More water and almonds to the rescue!

All in all, it comes down to willpower and determination.  It’s a head game you have to master. And be determined to follow through with something you know you need.  Now let’s hope my will power and determination can hold out against pasta, breads, and sweets for the 21 Day Sugar Detox!

I’ll let you know how that goes along the way. 

2 thoughts on “The Struggle Is REAL!

  1. Being fully serious, if no sugar/bread/pasta what are you allowed to eat? Just wondering since Jeff is diabetic it might be something he might try. But he loves his bread. But racking my brain can’t figure out what he would eat to keep energy going through the day.

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