So Much More Than A Beach Retreat!

16142473_10209959501362208_8642843101252405241_nIn January, I got to go on a 3 day Leaders retreat with 20+ other leaders in Young Living Essential Oils.  It was at a beautiful beach house in Seagrove, FL and I don’t miss an opportunity to play in the water.

But that retreat did more for me than the soul soothing of the water.  It deepened relationships with my leadership support and with my fellow crossline leaders.  I dug in deeper to business concepts and gained a better understanding of the unlimited possibilities of making a career with Young Living.

Not only did our leadership support share with us, but all of us contributed to our time together. We all shared our struggles and things that have gone well for us.  We shared our dreams and our fears.  We cheered and we prayed for one another.  And we still do even now that the retreat is over.16195168_10209959753221934_2726509669464310477_n

There were many who had to make sacrifices to attend.  Some moms had to leave young babies for the first time.  Some homeschool moms had to rearrange schedules and tag team with other family members.  Some business owners had to rearrange work schedules.  And some plans didn’t quit work out. We had one leader that was in an accident on her way to the retreat. She was not critically injured but was unable to attend the retreat in person.  Our Leadership support set it up so she could join us through live stream.  Isn’t the internet wonderful?!

16406676_10211590867432075_2811326368696531329_nOh and remember the 21 Day Sugar Detox I was doing in January?  I was still on it during this retreat.  The Leadership support made sure there was plenty to eat in the house even for those of us still doing the Sugar Detox!  And we had a few leaders that were responsible for the delicious meals, granted I had to pick and choose from the offerings what I could eat.  But our Leaders thought of everything!

This retreat was so needed and has breathed new life into so many of us.  We didn’t want to leave and can’t wait til the next one!  It really emphasized One Dream. One Vision. One Team. One Mission. 16265726_10210413053554002_6340277271018502795_n

Living a life of wellness, purpose and abundance.  I couldn’t ask to be part of a better business. So looking forward to what is in store for the rest of 2017!



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