My Story

I want to share a little bit about what brought me to who I am today.  My Story so to speak.


I was born in Alabama in 1978 and we moved to Tulsa, OK when I was 8 months old.  My dad was a self employed construction worker and had built homes on Grand Lake and had several connections there. Plus we had a few family members there and was 3 hours from my Dad’s childhood home in Magazine, AR.

I was a sickly child.  Every time the weather changed, I got sick. I seemed to keep ear infections. When I was 4, I got so bad that my parents took me to the hospital.  After chest x-rays and 1 really horrifying experience with several nurses and a needle(over 30 years later and I still have problems getting shots or blood drawn because of it), they said I was borderline of having pneumonia and was sent home.

We didn’t have medical insurance so my parents used old home remedies to help me get better as much as they could.  I had a baby blanket that my Aunt made me.  I thought it had these magical powers to make you feel better.  When I got sick, I wanted my blanket.  When someone else got sick, I’d go get them my blanket and make them lay down under it.  

One day, my dad came home and had a fresh scrape on an old cut off finger.  I was in his lap and saw it and was like “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!” so I scrambled down off his lap and ran to get my blanket.  I came back and wrapped my baby blanket all around his finger.  He sat there with a big ball of blanket wrapped around his finger holding it up with his other hand.  Then, after a little bit, I asked him did it feel better.  He told me it was all better and I allowed him to unwrap the blanket.  It was MAGICK!

As a self employed construction worker, your at the mercies of the weather.  And sometimes my dad would go a week without working.  No working meant no money that week.  It was tough sometime, but we got by.  We also had periods where the money just seemed to roll in!  And then the bottom fell in Construction in the mid to late 80s.

We were really struggling in 1988.  My older brother was living in Alabama and told my dad we should move back to AL, that business was booming there.  So, during Christmas of 1988 we moved back to Alabama.  And much to our dismay, construction business wasn’t any better.  But, now my dad didn’t have any connections like he did in Oklahoma.  So, we were stuck.  Little odd remodel jobs would come in and that kept us from starving and being in the streets.  

We moved out into the country.  It was 20 miles to the nearest grocery store. The school I 1424550_10202646646306581_440597795_nwent to was 11 miles from where we lived and was a country school in an almost ghost town. So, we went into the city once a week for groceries and any errands we needed to do.  It was a big change from living in Tulsa where you were only a couple blocks away from just about anything.

During the summer, I’d go stir crazy.  So my Mom and I would walk the roads and collect aluminum cans.  When we got enough for gas into the city and lunch, we’d turn them in.  Sometimes we were able to collect enough, to go to a thrift store too.  We did this a few times each summer.

My Senior year, I got a job working at one of my best friend’s grandparent’s Barbecue restaurant on the weekend and sometimes a weeknight or two. It was 12 miles away from the house and helped pay for Senior year expenses.  

After graduation, I decided to take a year off of school.  I got a job at Wal-Mart in the nearest city.  It was there that I met my husband who also worked there.  In less than a year we got married, learned my dad had leukemia and started a family.  

Over the years we had our ups and downs. We lost my dad in 2000 after a 2 and a half year battle with the Leukemia. We worked various jobs, me in the food industry and Bill in retail and Security. He had reenlisted in the military just before we got married and went on four deployments before retiring after 24 years.

After one deployment, he came back and started having issues and ended up not being able to work.  During this time, I was working but not able to keep us afloat.  We had a car repossessed, power shut off and we lost our house.  We ended up moving back in with my Mom.  We were able to to get him better and both of us working got us back on our feet into our own place again.

Bill deployed again for the last time to Iraq in 2009. I decided if I was going to go on to College, I better do it while I could get some tuition assistance from the military.  I found Massage Therapy and loved the idea that I could help people feel better without having to deal with needles.  So, I went to school to become a Massage Therapist.  I learned that a lot of what I did to help Bill’s old military injuries feel better was something I was instinctively doing right.

I graduated in June of 2011 and in August opened my own massage center with a classmate. 1274016_696811323681250_672805901_o By March, she had backed out of the business and I was on my own with it.  Bill helped me out there with the phones and appointment making.
Being self employed and a small business owner was a struggle and had it’s own challenges.  In April 2014, I rented a room out to another therapist to help lighten the load some.

In June 2014, a lady walked in to buy her husband a gift certificate.  She asked the other therapist if we used essential oils in our sessions.  They said we did.  She asked what kind and was told just was we got from the health food store or our massage supply place.  She asked if we would be interested in hearing about Young Living, and was told that she would have to talk to me.  So, she left her contact info.  

No one knew it, but I’d been thinking about upgrading the quality of essential oils we used. I wanted to offer more value to our clients since we were coming up on our 3rd anniversary. I had heard that Young Living was better but really hadn’t looked into it yet.  So, I called Susan and set up a meeting for the next day.

Susan brought several bottles of oil for me to smell and compare to what I was already using.  There was no comparison!  Young Living smelled way better.  Want to compare for yourself? Just smell the peppermint for Young Living next to the peppermint of another brand.  You’ll smell the difference like I did that day!

10390190_1093654310663614_3453554505902754589_nAfter Susan left, I went online and enrolled with a Premium Starter Kit.  And then shared with the other therapist the information that Susan shared with me.  And we discussed her getting a membership kit as well.

I got my kit about a week later and immediately opened it up and applied the thieves oil to a tooth that needed some oral health support.  To my surprise it started helping right away.  Over the next few days, I researched and tried the oils for different things.  These oils made such a difference in our health and emotional wellness. We were able to handle our work stress and life related stresses so much better. Even Bill’s problems we had been dealing with for years saw massive improvements.

I already knew I was going to do the business side of Young Living.  I had done two other MLM businesses, 1 for over 5 years and with moderate success.  But this was something that would actually HELP people.  This was something that would help my clients enjoy their sessions but was also something they could get and use at home to help their families health and wellness.

So, I started sharing with my clients, friends and massage colleagues.  Within 1 month, I hit Star.  Within 4 months, I hit Senior Star, and in 9 months, I hit Executive.  Our team hit a few snags and stalled for awhile.   I closed my massage center and went mobile. We had to re look at how we do things and make some changes, as well as do some personal growth, but we are starting to move forward again.  I estimate we’ll be a Silver team by the end of Summer and a Gold team by the end of this year.

Young Living Essential Oils gives you the tools to take your life and make what you want.  Want improved health? Want relationships with like minded people? Want a purpose? Want extra money for your family with a work from home business? Want a career where there is no limit on income potential? Want to help causes all over the world? Want FREEDOM?  Rusell201610(27)

YOU CAN HAVE IT! Get started today with a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils.  Get yours here and let me help you along the journey.


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